Website Development

Until a few years ago, having a great website for a restaurant was considered a style quotient! But not anymore. In today’s times, a website has become essential to your success!

Why to opt for Website Development?

With a website, you can display different information about your restaurant – menu, location, opening times, special offers, payment methods and more at a fraction of the cost of print media and commercials. What’s more, the information on the website is available 24/7 to anyone accessing your website. Website Development for the Restaurant is the must!!

Why choose Werafoods?

At Werafoods, we do website development for Restaurants. We cater our services to restaurants, lounges & bars, bakeries, ice-cream parlours etc. helping them build a strong online presence, deliver great customer experiences and increase profitability. By investing in a website, you can help your business show up in search engines; differentiate your business from the competition and social media profiles.

We create a great responsive website for your restaurant that is replete with awesome images and works well on a desktop and mobile. We not just portray your restaurant in the best manner but also integrate different widgets like secure payment methods, inquiry forms to capture leads, online ordering, customer reviews, online table reservation etc. to provide optimum online experience to users while also enticing customers to visit your restaurant!

Our Clients