Dine-in Ordering

Dine in Online Ordering by scanning the QR code through any mobile device is quick and easy for your customer. Customers can view the menu, product descriptions and images and place an order from their own mobile!

Why to opt for QR Dine-in Online Ordering?

Scan – See Menu – Place Order – Make Payment

Its Apt for every Fine Dine Restaurant, Casual Dine Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurant, Lounges & Bars, Food Courts etc

Why choose Werafoods?

Dine in Ordering is made simple through QR Dine-in Online Ordering!!

No need for the Guest to download any app. Also, it does not require any investment on the Tabs by the Restaurant/ Bar/ Hotel.

It’s a QR Code based ordering, where the Guest can scan the QR code and a digital menu will be featured. Product Images, Description, Product Options can all be shown in the Menu.

Now no need for Guest to ask Restaurant/Hotel’s recommendation for food selection or its speciality. The menu can show the best seller items, today’s special and chef special.

Guest has the option to see the menu as he likes. If he wants to see only Jain items, he can see that, just on a click.

In case the Guest needs any assistance, he has the option on the app, to call Staff.

As the Guest places order, it is received by the captain on Wera Order Management app. The Captain can see the order and on his acceptance, the KOT gets printed in the Kitchen.

Guest can continue ordering. He can check the status of his order on his mobile screen.

Guest can be given various bill settlement options.

In case the Guest doesn’t carry a mobile or is not comfortable ordering through the digital menu, the captain can take his order from Wera Order Management App and the KOT gets printed in the Kitchen.

There are multiple functionalities available to make the operations smooth.

In fact, having QR Dine-in Online Ordering is a must in Today’s time!

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