Customer Dine-in App

Why to opt for Dine in?

Make dine-in ordering quick and easy for your customers with our interactive Dine-In app. Apt for fine dining, lounges & bars, this app allows you to publish digital menu for your customers to access in real time. You can set your theme (happy hours etc.) to work on this app and make ordering interesting and live. Customers can view the updated menu, product descriptions, images and place an order from their own mobile!

Why choose Werafoods?

No order taker… No menu cards!!

Since this app features a digital menu and there would be no order taker, a restaurant will save the cost of printing the menu cards and save on manpower cost. This app is particularly useful for restobars that are very crowded. A restaurant can keep online payment mandatory for placing the order, thereby reducing pilferage.

Allows running attractive offers

To make ordering exciting, restaurants or bars can have different offers or discounts running which will be accessible to customers in real time. A theme based on the stock exchange is another interesting feature of this app that allows restaurants to offer drinks or food at prices that change in line with their popularity during that point of ordering. Besides, the casino theme is another feature where customers can gain discounts every time the wheel moves. The app has many such themes that make ordering from your resto bar interesting.