Loyalty Programs

Why to opt for Loyalty Program?

A loyalty program not just helps bring in repeat customers for a restaurant but also turn them into your brand’s advocates! As compared to other marketing programs, a loyalty program serves as a well-timed reminder to customers to come back to your restaurant. A successful loyalty program also helps you win back upset and disappointed customers.

Why choose Werafoods?

Werafoods loyalty reward program can work wonders in gaining new customers and retaining existing ones. It helps to pin-point your most loyal customers, know what motivates them, and execute compelling campaigns such as – reward them with points, offer incentives for referring a friend, send personalized thank you emails and inform them of special offers and new menu items. Customers can also login to your website to know the accrued points and redeem them.

The biggest benefit of integrating our loyalty program with your POS is that you can create long-relationship with your customers.

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