Customer Engagement Software

Why to opt for Customer Engagement Software?

With rising competition in restaurant business, the pressures of running an eatery and increasing sales are always at the back of the mind of an owner. Besides providing good food and pleasing décor and staff, the success of any restaurant, bar or cafeteria depends on how well you maintain rapport with your customers. However, without a proper CRM, it is impossible to build an effective relationship with customers.

Why choose Werafoods?

Werafood’s comprehensive Customer Engagement System offers a new approach to running the day-to-day operations for your restaurant website. Our system can help you analyse the buying habits of your regular customers and manage – customer contact details, online orders, and more all from a centralized dashboard.

This database can be intelligently used to increase the level of customer service and market your brand. You can automate and schedule messages related to special offers and discount well ahead of time to your frequent guests, send automated birthday wishes via SMS, or sending cheerful birthday vouchers via email. Whether you are launching a new dish, want to tell customers about your social media contest or celebrating a milestone, integrating Werafood’s CRM is a great way to make your customers a part of your restaurant!

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