Customer Feedback System

Why to opt for Customer Feedback System?

A feedback system can help you receive an honest feedback from the customers. It allows you to understand if your menu, ambience, service, hygiene levels are making customers happy. You can use these actionable insights to understand customer behaviour and improve your services and their experience.

Why choose Werafoods?

Werafoods’ tab-based feedback system allows restaurants, cafes, food courts to seek feedback from the customers who comes for dinning.

Werafoods’s SMS feedback link system allows the restaurants, cafes, food courts, take away and delivery joints to seek feedback of the customers who have ordered food.

It will allow the entity to identity what was it that customers did not like and what was it that they appreciated.

Another benefit of our feedback system is that you can use the data and analytics related to customer behaviour for marketing activities such as sending promotional SMS and emails. It will enable you to capture feedback in real time and address the issues of disgruntled customers quickly and professionally.

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