Wera Cloud POS for Restaurant

Wera Cloud POS features:

Works Online and offline both.
Runs on all Operating System.
No Specific Hardware requirement. It can work on any Mobile, Tab, Desktop, Touch-screen etc
Single User/ Multi User Options available.

Chain of Restaurants – Get the masters to check all the reports together.
All Categories of Restaurants - Think of our "order type" template. It is not hardcoded to one type of business. So you can create Dine In, Fast Food, QSR, Pizza, Udipi, Sweet shop, Hotel, Bar or any type of store in few clicks. We design our database such a way that it can handle different type products.

Wera Cloud POS additional features:

Kitchen control - We offer kitchen printers. This system can group printers and route accordingly.
Printers - This system makes printer setting like a cake. Add as thermal receipt printer, assign multiple kitchen printer per item using printer-groups. In case a kitchen printer is out of order it will print kitchen-chits in receipt printer.
Reports - Get all the reports for proper internal control and to know the business statistics.
Tax - It support regular tax and tax included pricing. It lets you assign tax on every item.
Loyalty & Referral Programme – Set masters as needed to benefit to your loyal customers to get repeat business and also increase business through referral programme.
Customer Engagement – Pre-set SMS for festival, run promotions etc to increase business by engaging customers
Guest Feedback – Sent Feedback link through SMS, which works as a chat bot. Get escalation SMS for bad feedback and take immediate corrective actions.