Table/Waiting Management

Why to opt for Table/Waiting Management?

Long waiting times at a restaurant, pubs or bars not just lead to customer dissatisfaction but can also hamper a brand’s name! Hence, the significance of an effective table management system can never be emphasized enough.

Why choose Werafoods?

Customers tend to be more dissatisfied with having to wait prior to service. With this software, they will be informed via SMS about their no. in the queue and expected waiting time. So the customer can utilize this time productively. Also they will receive an SMS before 5 minutes of their turn so they can return to the restaurant if they have gone somewhere.

Having a table management system will make coming to your restaurant or bar more convenient! With the added functionality of online booking through your website or app, guests will be able to make table booking well in advance. Not just this it will drive repeat customer visits and enhance your table turnover! So, contact Werafoods today and take those frontier operations of your restaurant to the next level!

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